Review of 4 Best Bo Jackson Sneakers

Review of 4 Best Bo Jackson Sneakers

The Nike Air Trainer SC 3 in the Auburn hue is arguably the most well-known pair of Bo Jackson sneakers. The Bo Jackson “line” is, however, completed by four Nike models. In this article, will discuss review of 4 best Bo Jackson sneakers.

Does Bo Jackson have his own shoe?

Bo Jackson sneakers doesn’t have a pair of sneakers named after him like Michael Jordan did. But his signature sneakers are the Nike Air Trainer SC, Air Trainer SC 2, Air Trainer SC 3, and Air Trainer Max ’91.

During his professional athletic career, which spanned about 1986 to 1990, Bo earned the Nike endorsement by excelling at both baseball and F ootball. The Nike Air Trainer SC collection is meant to be as adaptable as the wearer.

Does Bo Jackson have his own shoe?
Does Bo Jackson have his own shoe?

Bo’s most famous Nike styles were released between 1988 and 1991. The catchphrase “Bo Knows” from the marketing campaign, which was used in a number of Air Trainer ads, is well known.

Nike Air Trainer SC – Bo Jackson Sneakers

Bo’s first pair of shoes were the Air Trainer 1, which are more commonly linked to tennis player John McEnroe. The first “official” Bo Jackson sneaker is the Air Trainer 3 in the “Medicine Ball” colorway. The 1988 release of this shoe.

Tinker Hatfield created the Air Trainer 1 as a sneaker that could be used in the gym and on the court. A further development of that is the Air Trainer SC (also known as the Air Trainer 3). A forefoot strap and plastic eyelets were added by the model. Additionally, the heel’s Air unit can now be seen. Bo used the medicine ball frequently during workouts, which is how the color scheme and moniker were inspired.

Nike Air Trainer SC 2 – Bo Jackson Sneakers

The SC 2 is the Air Trainer 3’s successor. Although he is primarily the celebrity linked with the sneaker, this was not a “Bo Jackson model”.

The same philosophy that underlies the line’s earlier models applies to this shoe. The goal is to be able to work out and train at the gym, then transition to playing a real game without removing your shoes. This is the same dichotomy that Bo Jackson sneakers faced when he continued to play F football and baseball at the same time, necessitating the use of a multipurpose footwear.

The improved bootie on this model allows for a more comfortable fit at a period when neoprene was beginning to be employed in many Nike models. The strap is also now detachable and is placed higher on the foot than in the previous version.

Nike Air Trainer SC 2 - Bo Jackson Sneakers
Nike Air Trainer SC 2 – Bo Jackson Sneakers

Even though I no longer own the sneakers, the pair in the volt colorway that is shown is the one I formerly owned. However, Citron and Infrared are the OG hues that most people are familiar with.

Nike Air Trainer SC 3 – Bo Jackson Sneakers

Some claim that the most well-known Bo Jackson sneakers is the Nike Air Trainer SC High (or SC 3) in the Auburn colorway. the 1990 shoe release. The obvious straps were replaced with straps that were more closely attached to the upper and eyelets in this final SC model. In this case, our cut is likewise larger.

The colors that are also used on the football jersey of Bo Jackson’s college team, the Auburn Tigers, gave these the nickname “Auburn.” Another colorway is an Auburn that is reversed. More than any other model in the collection, SC High colors have probably caught my eye the most.

I’ve owned pairs of the previous retros of this sneaker, which has been released several times. I want to eventually re-add this colorway to my collection. The Bo Jackson sneakers line will undoubtedly continue to receive throwback editions, and I have personally seen more releases of the Auburn SC Highs than any other colorway.

Nike Air Trainer Max ’91 – Bo Jackson Sneakers

The third sneaker that has a strong connection to Bo Jackson sneakers comes after the SC series is finished: The Air Trainer Max. Future retros of this shoe would therefore have the year “91” in the name since it was released in 1991.

The straps from earlier Bo Jackson sneakers trainers were revived in this sneaker, although they now bear the Nike logo and are made of nylon rather than rubbery plastic. The ankle is rather similar to the Air Jordan 7, which is its contemporaries in the world of hoops.

Nike Air Trainer Max ’91 - Bo Jackson Sneakers
Nike Air Trainer Max ’91 – Bo Jackson Sneakers

Another sneaker that I had a retro of when I first started collecting was this one. I thought the materials on that throwback were… not fantastic. Additionally, moving in such sneakers was really difficult. However, these retros have a great selling value nowadays! It’s amusing how occasionally that works out.

Anyhow, I’m prepared and looking forward to the following time they go on retro for another opportunity to purchase a pair. I’m hoping that upcoming retros will offer us content of higher quality than I’ve previously seen.

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