4 Best Mens White Sneakers

4 Best Mens White Sneakers

The basis of the menswear food pyramid and the pair of shoes you’ll probably go for more often than any other in your closet, the best mens white sneakers for men are more than just a simple fashion must. This explains why there are so many different styles of mens white sneakers—from timeless classics to wild-style flexes, expensive designer models to budget-friendly upstart silhouettes—on the market.

There is an undeniable rush of endorphins when you break open a new pair of mens white sneakers, even though they aren’t typically the footwear you yearn after, fawn over, or dream about (then miss out on on the SNKRS app when they drop). Scuff-free. Gleaming. Because the most recent pair of mens white sneakers you own are always the best. Yes, there is a small amount of sadness when you release your worn-out, old pair of white sneakers after thanking them for their illustrious and lengthy service. They held down hundreds of fits and provided hundreds of wears. It’s part of life’s cycle.

However, the best is yet to come, as they say. And when it comes to mens white sneakers, a mix of time-tested classics and one-off collaborations keep selling out. Sneakers with spotless exteriors that completely erase your fits and your life. To complete the circle, sneakers93.com looked at hundreds of potential sneakers, tried out the best, and ultimately chose these seven options as well as 20 honorable mentions as the top mens white sneakers for men. (And a few more if you simply need the top mens white sneakers for less than $100.)

The Best Discourse – Dominating Mens White Sneakers

Material: Leather and Suede Fit: True to Size Size: 4-14

The Samba is still one of the most adaptable shoes on the market, despite the highs and nerve-wracking lows of its reign that have been discussed. The post-workout sneaker turned brunch shoe for the netizen elite has supple leather and suede uppers that straddle the line between sporty and informal. This is how you keep a low profile without becoming completely unrecognizable. Yes, it may seem as though everyone has them (and many do), but that is what occurs when a shoe moves from the margins to the mainstream. The Sambas are top on our list whether we love them or loathe them (but really adore them in our hearts).

The Best Discourse - Dominating Mens White Sneakers
The Best Discourse – Dominating Mens White Sneakers

Why We Like Them: The internet’s most talked about shoe went from heartthrob to polarizing yet still manages to look fresh.

How to Style Them: With baggy denim and a loose T-shirt (or a white button down when it’s time to clean up).

The Best California Dreamin’ Mens White Sneakers

Material: Canvas Fit: True to Size Size: 6.5-13

To swear devotion to the DX slip-on, you don’t even have to be from California or skate. All you need is a good eye for simple, uncluttered design and a desire for effortless styling. The DX is no-frills footwear at its best. Made of durable canvas and equipped with a rubberized sole that can survive the heaviest coastal showers, it has been updated throughout time with Ultra Cush sock liners that will keep your feet steady after pounding the streets for hours. When it comes to getting your taste of Vans, there are many hues to pick from, but we’ve discovered that classic white never goes out of style.

The Best California Dreamin' Mens White Sneakers
The Best California Dreamin’ Mens White Sneakers

Why We Like Them: Looks good fresh out the box and even better scuffed up.

How to Style Them: With blown-out chinos and a loose button-down.

The Best Fashion Guy Mens White Sneakers

Material: Leather and Mesh Fit: True to Size Size: 4-11

Prada’s sporty sneaker has been a go-to for the fashion set on and off the boat ever since it made its debut in the 1997 America’s Cup Race. Except for the sporadic buzzy collaborations with Cassius Hirst, the company has generally refrained from messing with the formula too much and has instead maintained to offer the best-selling sneaker in timeless colorways that range from neutral to, uh, electric. You require a pair of $800 sneakers, do you? No. However, if you’re searching for some Prada to wear when you’re running around downtown, then definitely, without a doubt.

The Best Fashion Guy Mens White Sneakers
The Best Fashion Guy Mens White Sneakers

Why We Like Them: Actual sporty and rich vibes.

How to Style Them: With black pants and a simple tank top—tucked and belted for extra panache.

The Best Mens White Sneakers that Prove Big is Beautiful

Material: Leather Fit: True to Size Size: 6-18

Black Air Force 1s are considered a terrible omen by all true sneakerheads; if you see someone wearing them, you should turn and go. Conversely, white Air Force 1s reveal little more than the wearer’s exquisite taste. The AF1 has maintained its position as the Swoosh’s lone most dependable model ever since they were debuted in 1982 as Nike’s first basketball shoes to incorporate their breakthrough Air innovation. It’s not the most legendary, best-performing, or flashiest Nike model ever, but it is tasteful, subtle, and completely timeless—three terms that aren’t used nearly enough in the sneaker community.

Air Force 1s were bulkier and more bulbous than any other sneakers before them, long before Balenciaga popularized clownishly enormous sneakers. Those proportions, together with the perforations on the toe and the paneling down the sides, feel even more statuesque when covered in all-white. They also belong to a select group of white leather shoes that truly still look deadly after being heavily smoked, even if they look amazing right out of the box. It’s never really a bad moment to pick up another pair, regardless of whether you’re on your first pair or your 40th.

Why We Like Them: The AF1 is more than sneaker—it’s sneaker history, personified.

How to Style Them: With denim of Davidsonion proportions, cuffed Dickies, or trashed double-knee carpenter pants.

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